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BatFleck Voice changer BvS / JL

BatFleck Voice changer BvS / JL

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This gadget will change your voice in real time to sound more like voice in the movie.

It can be adjusted to alter the pitch for your own voice. Basic calibration required.

• Option 3 or 4 is recommended as the voice changer comes wired into a case and also comes with a BvS style speaker box that can house and conceal a powered JBL GO 2 speaker

It comes with:

• Audio Jack output for powered speaker (Included)

• On/Off Switch (Included)

• Volume dial (Included)

• Microphone (Included)

• Themed case (Optional)

• 3D Printed Speaker Box (Optional)

 PLEASE NOTE: The Throat mic and adaptor is sold separately and available here.


Simply turn it on, calibrate it to your voice and speak into it with a raspy voice and it will give your voice the deep reverberating tone of Batfleck.

Please note you have to be able to do a reasonable Batman voice to begin with. It wont make a little girl sound like Batfleck.

• You must use your own powered speaker to plug into the voice changer (JBL Suggested)

• You must use your own square 9v Battery to power the voice changer

• 3D Printed optional extras come in their RAW form for you to customise and paint

• Colours of RAW 3D prints may vary

As with most cosplay items, these Voice Changers are made to order and we do not normally keep a stock .

Production time

The process can take up to 6 weeks and is as follows:

1. View the order

2. Purchase the components

3. Wait for components to arrive (sometimes from overseas)

4. Receive components and Solder together device

5. Program device

6. 3D Print Case and any extras

7. Mount device in case

8. Wire up Microphone

9. Test Device

10. Package Device

11. Ship to customer


As you can imagine this whole process can take up to 4 weeks. If you have any questions or would like to know the progress of your order please contact us at any point but please also understand the lead time on these devices can vary. If you need it sooner please contact us... occasionally we have these assembled and ready to go.



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