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Grappling Gun Hooks from BvS DoJ / JL (x3)

Grappling Gun Hooks from BvS DoJ / JL (x3)

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Resin Printed and finished in Silver, these 3x Grappling Hooks are a perfect addition to a Rubies Doj/JL Gappling Gun

• Resin Printed in UHD for high quality

• Fits into a DoJ/JL Rubies Grappling Gun

• Finished in silver for realistic appearance

• Comes in set of 3


**Grappling hooks do not open. They are for display on the Gun only and NOT Practical**

Production time

This product can take 4 to 6 weeks to produce.

We always aim to get it done sooner.

Dispatch and shipping times may vary depending on location and time of year.


F.A.Q and Instructions

The Grappling hooks are designed to fit into a Rubies manufactured DoJ Grappling Gun. We do not sell or paint the guns but we can recommend someone who can paint them.


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