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Machine Cut 1 Layer Urethane Rubber Emblem

Machine Cut 1 Layer Urethane Rubber Emblem

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Welcome to Alter Ego Studios emblem cutting service.

With this service you can make literally any shape urethane emblem using any of our available colours and textures making it the most bespoke super hero emblem service on the internet.


The first thing you need to do is find a simple black and white image of the shape or emblem you want to make. 

All of our emblems are made and cut from Urethane Rubber panels of different colours and textured finishes.



Choose a Colour

Choose a Texture

Upload a template/emblem image


Emblem size will be around 30cm high or wide unless discussed otherwise

If you require options that are not available on our website, please message us.

 Our team will then get to work casting the panels in the colours and textures you want and formatting your emblem design before they are machine precision cut to your exact requirements.


If the emblem has more than one part to it it will then be assembled together before being shipped out to you via one of our couriers.

Production time

This product can take 6 to 8 weeks to produce.

We always aim to get it done sooner.

Dispatch and shipping times may vary depending on location and time of year.


F.A.Q and Instructions

 Once ordered you will be asked to provide the measurement 

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